Black & White Ball– Prom Review 2017

CarolineTomczak, Seniors Editor

The day we have all been waiting for, April 22, has finally arrived: the day of prom. This year Chattahoochee’s prom was at Ventanas, an event space, which is on top of the Hilton in downtown Atlanta.

The venue has large endless windows surrounding the dance floor and an outdoor patio with lounge chairs to take in the incredible view of Atlanta. Saying the views were incredible, is an understatement; everywhere you looked you could see some iconic landmark of Atlanta: The Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coke, Centennial Olympic Park, The CNN Center and the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The theme of the dance was quite timeless, “The Black and White Ball.” This classic, chic theme captured the venue perfectly. Since the view at Ventanas was basically what people tended to focus on, the decorations were very simple. The music, however, was not as great.  There was not as large of a variety of songs played by the DJ compared to last year and only one main group could actually get into the music. Even though there wasn’t a large variety in the music played, everyone still had a great time dancing on the dance floor surrounded by their closest friends.

Next to the dance floor was a photobooth, a bar for refreshments and an outdoor patio for people who were taking a break from dancing. The outdoor patio was really nice since there wasn’t one last year; it was great to just sit down and take a break from dancing to just really hangout with your friends while being surrounded by a gorgeous view.

Overall, I would say that prom 2017 was a success. As a Senior, and graduating in less than a month, it was a great last prom and an experience that I will remember for a lifetime.

To be Full


The problem with our culture is the glorification of all that is flawless. Human beings are the epitome of imperfect; how unfair it is, then, when those who show any shortcomings at all are virtually trained to hate themselves? How twisted it is to accept nothing but utmost perfection from ourselves when we were created to embody the beauty of being flawed?

I have read many articles on the evaluation of body image issues– I have read the opinions of outsiders looking in, of those who accept themselves attempting to preach some sort of message that registers with the insecure. I’ll tell you this right now: it doesn’t work. Nothing you can say or do will outweigh the overwhelming and unavoidable voice in their heads that they will never be able to satisfy their own standards. Let me tell you what it’s like when your own mind is your greatest enemy.

Emptiness becomes a desirable feeling; ironically, I seemed to feel my soul was at its fullest when my body was caving in on itself. Every person I met became another comparison to myself; is she smaller, do I look like I belong here, or am I too undesirable to be proudly standing next to her? Looking at my own reflection triggered an unresolvable panic and anxiety within me that I cannot describe, trapping me in my own bedroom out of fear of judgment.

It’s pathetic, really.

You spend your whole life blaming others for your problems, blaming who you are on past hardships and ridicule, to one day wake up and realize that your only  demon lives within you. You got to this point. You decided your image meant more to you than your health– and now you’re stuck in this inescapable, cycle of self-hatred. Whether or not you admit it now, the worst part of it all is that you enjoy the effects of killing yourself. You go days without eating, run until your head explodes, or stick your fingers down your throat, and at the end of the day, you’re satisfied. I saw results– other people saw results. I was winning, despite the fact that I was losing every other part of myself.

Before it all, I was different. I enjoyed life for the things that made it beautiful. I took pride in my intelligence; I cared about the things I was passionate about. I used to draw, and I was good. I used to write freely, and I was great. I used to sing, and I felt alive. I used to care about people, but this self-obsessed, attention-seeking version of myself pushed away any real relationships I had. When your appearance becomes the deciding factor on your mental stability, it’s easy to throw away the things that used to matter. I became a shell of a human being, shaping myself into perfection in the outside, despite how utterly empty I was on the inside– literally and figuratively.

Let me tell you, though,  how to find the light when the only thing you know is darkness. Stop looking at the unending feed of photos of women with unachievable physiques; I don’t care how unfortunate it is, you will not look like that. Flooding your brain with unrealistic expectations is guaranteeing your own insecurity; you are training yourself to despise your own reflection. Stop surrounding yourself with people who praise you for your appearance alone, but with those who recognize your hidden qualities and adore you for them. Life is more than the way you look when you bend over, stop convincing yourself that people will only be drawn to the most physically attractive version of yourself. Anyone who decides your worth based off the dimensions of your body is a person who deserves to be ignored anyway. You are more than the curves of your figure. You are a mind full of ideas and wonder; don’t you dare let that go to waste over the approval of others. Do the things in life that fuel your fire– not those that burn you to the ground.

And finally, I don’t care what you’ve convinced yourself thus far, I don’t care what you’ve been through, and I don’t care how you justify your actions; you have a problem. No matter how far gone you may be, though, you have the power to stop the insanity. Life doesn’t have to be empty anymore, and you can end the war you’ve created within your own mind. Listen to me. One day you will be full. And you will never empty yourself again.

End of School Splash

The school year is coming to an end. Finals are almost here; seniors have decided that school is irrelevant and everyone is planning what they are doing for the rest of the summer. But one thought lingers in the back of everyone’s mind…how are they going to spend the last day of the school year. In case maybe you have no idea what you could do to celebrate the technical first day of summer, this article might help you in coming up with some ideas. First thing first is the most basic of all, at least in my neighborhood. Two words…water fight! The last day of school everyone gets off the bus or out of their car and suddenly are bombarded with water balloons and squirt guns. By the end of the first hour, we are drenched and completely oblivious to the inch of water in our shoes. As you get older, it becomes a little lame to be with a bunch of middle school kids on the last day of school so I got a few other selections for you. When talking to Josh Selby he said on the last day of school “I usually hang out with my friends and we’ll go to the Georgia mill and just swim and eat lunch, I guess this year I’ll be at graduation so it might be different. This year I’ll most likely spend the last day of school at a graduation party”. Senior year is a different game and even the end isn’t the end because even after you’ve finished classes you still have pre-graduation, graduation, and all the parties that follow. But for those of you non-seniors I still have some kick-butt suggestions. “On the last day of school my family always goes to the neighborhood pool party. There are BBQ and so many fun games that they set up” (Emily Jones). However, at the end of the day, it’s the last day of school and no matter what you do make sure you spend it with your family and friends because you only get a limited amount of last days of school.

Seniors Vote Their Ossoff

JourneySherman, Editor-in-Chief

On April 18 many seniors were seen wearing an “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker. This is because Georgia held a sixth district special election to replace Republican congressman Tom Price, who stepped down to serve as secretary of Health and Human Services.

Democrat, Jon Ossoff, ran against 11 Republicans for the position and almost gained 50% of the voteswhich is what is needed to declare a winner. Ossoff fell short with having 48.1% of the votes while the other candidates roughly shared the other 51%. The Republican with the greatest percent, Karen Handel, garnered nearly 20% of the votes. Because none of the candidates cleared 50%, a runoff will take place June 20.  

Ossoff has made himself more accessible through countless rallies for supporters to sign up to volunteer and get the chance to meet him in person. I was lucky enough to attend his first rally in preparing for the runoff. It consisted of signing up for shifts to volunteer at one of his campaign offices. These volunteers are being asked to go door to door and advocate for Ossoff. They will also push “mail-in” voting and make you promise you won’t be out of town on June 20. Currently many of the official members of his campaign are from Gen X.

When I attended the rally this age group made up most of the population in attendance. Ossoff was eager to speak with all attendees of the rally and was much more personable than expected. He gave off a calm and engaging demeanor while making a short speech and greeting the crowd. Ossoff was more than willing to take pictures with supporters (including me) and listen to topics that concerned them.

With such a narrow margin of votes needed, it has become increasingly important for millennials to be involved. This means spreading the word regarding voter registration and voicing their opinions on issues that are important to them. Ossoff’s campaign has an increasing desire for involvement by younger people in the campaign.

Hope for the Democrats

MaddieYashinsky, Sports Editor

Jon Ossoff, who is currently running a firm specializing in anti-corruption investigations, was one of five Democrats running in a special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district. On Jan. 5, 2017, Ossoff announced his candidacy for the special election after previous seat holder, Tom Price announced that he had been named Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary. Ossoff quickly became the most desirable democratic candidate in the race. He was endorsed by prominent figures such as congressman Hank Johnson and John Lewis as well as state House Democratic leader Stacey Abrams. Ossoff has raised over $8.3 million by early April of 2017.

Ossoff fell just short of capturing a House seat in a longtime conservative area of Georgia. Ossoff received 48.1% of the vote. He needed to get 50% in order to win outright. He and Republican candidate Karen Handel, who received 19.8% will now face off in a runoff election in June.

It wasn’t the election results however that made this special election such a popular topic of discussion. Rather, It was the statistics leading up to it that impacted the Republicans living in the area. The election is seen by many as an early test of how the first few months of Donald Trump’s presidency may have shifted the opinions or voter enthusiasm of educated suburban voters who live in swing districts. Trump under-performed in districts with demographics similar to the 6th during the 2016 election, having won the 6th District by only 1 percentage point. Fulton county Georgia has always been primarily Republican. In 2012 Mitt Romney won by 23 points in this district, and Republican Rep. Tom Price was re-elected with nearly 62% of the vote in 2016 here before being named Trump’s health and human services secretary.

“There is no doubt that this is already a victory for the ages,” Ossoff told supporters the night of the election. “That no matter what the outcome is tonight- whether we take it all or whether we fight on — we have survived the odds. We have shattered expectations. We are changing the world. Your voices are going to ring out across this state and across this country.” Many supporters of Ossoff and what the campaign stood for coined the phrase “Flip the 6th” as the election was being held.

High School v.s. College

MariaRuiz, Editor-in-Chief

Since we started high school we have been told that these would be the best years of our lives. Our parents reminisce on this time, describing these years as “the good old days” time and time again. Going into freshman year, I expected parties and football games and to create friendships better than I had ever had before. High school gave me all of that; it gave me some of the best friends I could ever ask for and memories that will last me my whole life. Sometimes I wish I could just go back to freshman year just so I could relive it all again. However, those moments are fleeting once I realize what is to come.

Yeah, I know I’m going to miss high school. I think back to certain moments that changed me and will stick with me forever and know I will miss them. But there’s even those moments that we take for granted that will stick with us forever. Coming home after school to your dog every day, getting food on a whim with your best friends, knowing everyone in your school despite whether or not you talk to them… it was all a part of the experience and it will stick with us forever. It’s these kinds of things that you won’t notice until you’re sitting on the floor of your empty dorm moments after you hugged your parents goodbye.

I’ve gone through high school with the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for. It took some time, but eventually everyone finds who they are supposed to be with. Even so, I know that college will hold even better years. In college, you make friends based off your interests whereas in high school, no matter how close you and your friends are, there are always those hobbies that you feel a little shy talking about or showing off. College is about surrounding yourself with people who inspire you– who will push you to accomplish all that you wish to do. You don’t have to be friends with anyone who holds you back just to maintain friendships that only ever started out of  convenience So, even though we’re leaving so much behind, there really is so much to look forward to.

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