‘What’s on the Men-U?’: Mr. CHS turns auditorium into restaurant


(courtesy CHS Yearbook)
(courtesy CHS Yearbook)

The auditorium at Chattahoochee was packed last Wednesday night, as the ten male contestants of the 2014 Mr. CHS pageant strutted across the stage and showed off their talents to the crowd of ogling high school girls. After many sexual innuendos by hosts Ross Manning (SR) and Lucy Brooks (JR), boy bands shirtless twerking, the crowd had decided who was worthy of the title. Mr. Congeniality, as voted on by the contestants, was junior Nico Denis, who won the crowd over with his Speedo and Australian accent.

“It was good fun,” says Denis. “I had to impress the fans.”

The runner-up was senior Asa Morgan, whose Kanye West impression and glowstick dance suit drew lots of laughs and cheers from the audience.

“Even though I got second, I still had fun,” says Morgan. “I felt like I could show my personality with no limits holding me back.”

Senior Chase Thorton received the crown after singing a capella and shaking his backside to the crowd.

“It was probably one of the most memorable moments of my high school career,” says Thorton,” and I had fun hanging out with my friends. You can’t take yourself too seriously. Live in the moment and have fun.”

After the show, the audience was able to vote on Fan Favorite by donating money to each contestant’s box. Freshman Reid Dowling won the honor, thanks to the support of the drama department.

Despite not winning, the other contestants enjoyed being up on stage and competing. “It was a swell experience,” says sophomore Dallas Shook, who amazed the audience with his fast crab-walking while wearing a peapod costume and then his Backstreet Boys/ Kanye West rapping.

The pageant brought in many for a night of laughs and fun, and all donations and sales went to support the Chattahoochee publications. If you could not make it, you missed out, but make sure to come next year!

(cover photo courtesy CHS Yearbook)


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