What type of annoying driver are you?


With only three and half years of experience on the road I am not claiming to be a perfect driver. However, I do feel there seems to be a lack of common sense for a majority of those behind the wheel. There are too many drivers who feel entitled, believing that the rules of the road do not apply to them. We have all had encounters with the types of drivers below, and if you haven’t, I am sorry to say you are probably one of them.

The Multitasker

Texting, reading, eating or applying makeup should not be done while driving, yet I have witnessed Wonder Woman doing all four at once on—wait for it—the highway. Yes,while  driving at 80 mph this woman had lipstick and a snack in one hand, her phone in the other, and a book on the steering wheel, and she was driving with her knee. To add insult to injury her passenger was sitting with one leg sticking out the window. If you have so much to do just stay home rather than put us all at risk.

The Entitled One

The entitled ones, a.k.a. those with large cars. If you have a Land Rover, be patient with those of us with smaller cars. Going over large speed bumps is like climbing over a tiny mountain for my four door sedan. The speed bumps are big enough that I go slowly—like you’re supposed to—over them. But I digress. Multiple times I have had jeeps (and the like) go around me because my “slow trek” interrupted their 45 mph drive through neighborhood. Slow down; I beg you. Furthermore, check your blind spots. The road is not a place where “I’m bigger than you, so you must plan around my movements” is valid. Yes, if you hit me your car will have virtually no damage, but mine will. Drivers Ed and physics did not completely go over your head, did it?

The Merger

If you drive to school you could probably name a list of people that fit this description like the back of your hand. Ever since elementary school we were taught to wait patiently in line right behind the person in front of us. You move up as the line moves up, no “cutsies.” However, there are those places where everyone wants to take a turn, filling the turn lane for miles—cue Jones Bridge Road and Taylor Road in the morning. The merger is the person who speeds by and in that tiny open space between your car and the person ahead of you cuts in just as you have made it to the front. In the good ole’ days of kindergarten this person would immediately be pushed back if no voice of authority was around. Unfortunately, if you did this with your car, you’d end up with thousands of dollars in vehicular damage.

The Navigator

This person always seems to be going somewhere and going there fast. When you see a lane of traffic slow down or come to stop, what should you do? Slow down or come to stop like a rational human being. The navigator, however, switches lanes faster than anyone else realizes what’s on fire. Not only is this counterproductive—if there is traffic in one lane, there is probably some in the next lane as well—but it causes everyone behind him to hit the breaks and not even know why. And can you imagine if you’re behind the navigator? He switches lanes at the last possible second, barely missing the halted cars. This leaves you to slam on your brakes as fast as humanly possible simply to avoid causing an accident.

There are a number of great drivers but it only takes one bad driver to ruin a day. If you’re one of those drivers I implore you to rethink how you go about your day. It could save a life or just make someone’s day a little better knowing all common sense has not been forgotten on the roadway.

(cover photo courtesy Drive Smart Colorado)


One thought on “What type of annoying driver are you?”

  1. Good post about stupid drivers. This morning I had to drop off my daughter at school and that always produces a bunch of road rage for me in the morning.

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