‘Chattahoochee’s Got Talent’ takes the stage again

Last Friday night, Chattahoochee students sat down in the auditorium for a night of amazing spectacles at the 2014 Chattahoochee’s Got Talent show, sponsored by the Spectrum Club. 18 acts took the stage, showing off the amazing talent of Chattahoochee, including break dancing, Bollywood dancing, piano playing, singing duets, a capella duets, a saxophone and drum duet, a guitar rock and roll session and a beatboxing battle. Chattahoochee alumni Shaunak Godkhindi closed the show with his own stand-up comedy routine. Third place went to Ian Prost (SR), who showed off his dubstep beatboxing in a showdown against Dijon Patrick (SR). Second place went to Tori and Sreedhanya for their duet of Taylor Swift’s “Ours.” First place, for the second year in a row, went to Jackson List (SO), who amazed the crowd with his evolution of modern dance compilation.

(cover photo courtesy Nate Harris)


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