Prom dinner on the fly


It is almost April and that means that the time has come for Chattahoochee’s upperclassmen to complete the dreaded task of making their prom plans concrete, including finding an appropriate dinner location. Luckily, the Atlanta area is home to plenty of options so you can find the ideal spot for your group.

For the Cheap Date:

North Point Parkway has a handful of comfortable, enjoyable restaurants at everyday prices, including Ruby Tuesday, TGIF, Steak and Shake, Fuddruckers and Sweet Tomatoes. These establishments will have enough options to satisfy almost any dietary needs and the average person will rack up a bill of less than fifteen bucks.

For the Fun-lovers:

A quiet, boring restaurant is simply not for you. You and your group will want to talk, take pictures, and maybe even play games, so you will want to go somewhere more accepting of your excitement. Sports bars such as Pepperoni’s, Andretti’s and Dave and Buster’s can be fun if you want to eat early and play games for a while, where as some nice ethnic restaurants such as Azul Agave and Nan Thai can give your evening some spice. Price ranges vary and menus will be more limited, especially for people with special diets. You may also want to consider having a cookout at your house, where you can be (almost) as loud as you want and the menu is totally up to you.

The Foodies:

You love this opportunity to take your friends out to a great restaurant and you are willing to drop some cash for it, but you are not planning on going nuts. You like unconventional, creative cuisine, like that available at the 5 Seasons, Bonefish Grill, Marlow’s Tavern and the Cheesecake Factory.

The Big Spenders:

This is a special night for you, so why not go all out? You are dying for a table at one of Atlanta’s Top 50 restaurants, undeterred by plates that can cost upwards of $30. You want nothing less than the best, which means a trip downtown for the Sun Dial, Better Half or Ray’s in the City. Good luck getting reservations.


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Where do you plan on going for dinner on prom night? Tell us in the comments below!


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