Atlanta to carry MLS soccer team in 2017


Philanthropist and Atlanta Falcons team owner Arthur Blank has recently announced that a Major League Soccer team will come to Atlanta in 2017. A conference was held on April 18 to host this announcement, and this will mark the addition of the 22nd team to the MLS league. Not much else was discussed at the meeting, but the new stadium that is slated for use starting 2017 will definitely host the team’s home games. “I think Atlanta is a natural fit for Major League Soccer,” states Blank at the interview surrounding the addition of a major team. The name and color of the team and their uniforms have yet to be fully decided. However, Arthur and his companions were wearing a red scarf lined with gold stitching.

Arthur Blank elaborates on the subject stating, “We’ve been talking to executives from MLS for probably 10 years now. It’s been a dream of ours.” The biggest issue, reportedly, was trying to find a suitable arena for contests to be held, but the announcement of the new stadium nullified this constraint.

The commissioner of the MLS Don Garber chimed in at times to say that these future turn of events are in efforts to re enter Southeastern competition into the soccer league. “It’s a growing city, has a rich sports tradition and embodies a new American city that is blossoming with ethnic diversity, is connected globally and has young people who grew up with our game,” states Garber when asked to comment on the announcement.

Look out for more information regarding the new team as news continually becomes available.


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