Hooch lacrosse headed back to playoffs


The 2014 boys lacrosse season has been a season of ups and downs, by and large.

However, the guys team is headed back to the playoffs after an impressive victory over Druid Hills last Friday. Also, on Monday night, the Cougars put up an impressive win over seventh-ranked Walton High School. This most recent win marks the fifth straight win for the guys team, and the lax squad hopes to carry this momentum in to the playoffs, as they will be a fourth seed coming out of the region. These victories can be attributed to the fantastic senior leadership, and the return of previously injured senior Ben Corrigan.

After spring break, Coach Sopko resigned as head coach. The team was then put in a tough situation regarding whom to have as their next head coach. Luckily, Assistant Coach Trask took over the duty as interim head coach, and has yet to disappoint. He started off his head-coaching career with an important region game against Alpharetta. If the Cougars lost, it would have been close to impossible to make the playoffs. However, the resilient group of lax players proved victorious, and have not looked back since.

Although they might not be the highest seeded team in the playoffs, expect the Cougars guys to make a deep run, especially if they are able to carry over this newfound momentum. The Cougars have their challenges set in front of them, but like they’ve done so many times before, are bound to find a way to become victorious.


(cover photo courtesy Hooch Lacrosse)


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