Hooch Reacts: What advice do you have for prom?

Chattahoochee’s 2014 Prom is “Party at Gatsby’s” and will be held at the Tabernacle. What advice do Chattahoochee students have for those going to the dance?

“Be a gentleman and always open the door for the girl.”- Tayna Viscardi (SR)

“Don’t twerk and only take selfies during the “#SELFIE” song.”- Sam Latzsch (JR)

“Do little things to make the night memorable.”- Rachel Ostapower (JR)

“Have fun with your date and don’t let the happy, playful mood die.”- Gabe Francis (SR)

“Treat your date like a princess.”- Kylie Aiken (SR)

“Have fun, know your boundaries, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself, it’s unattractive.”- Brian Wittenburg (JR)

“Have responsible fun. Find the balance between doing nothing and going insane. This is a night for you to have fun.”- Colby Hesseltine (SR)

“Make sure to tell the girl she looks beautiful and don’t do anything stupid.”- Rhea Sharma (JR)


(c0ver photo courtesy promovision.com)


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