Speculator website, magazine voted superior

On Friday, April 25, the Georgia Scholastic Press Association announced its award winners for the 2013-2014 school year. Against roughly ten other cars in its division, the Speculator was awarded a “Superior” rating for both its magazine and its news website.

“I’m excited that we finally won ‘Superior,'” said Nate Harris (SR), the chief website editor for two years. “Last year we got ‘achievement,” and I swore that we would get better and that I’d get ‘Superior’ before I graduated. I’m glad we did.”

Mr. White, the Speculator sponsor, shared in the excitement.

“I’m certainly proud of us. After seeing how much work and effort and time the staff has put into putting out quality publications, it’s nice to get some recognition at the end of the year,” he said. “When you think of all the high school publications in Georgia, not all of them are going to go to GSPA, but to be ranked high in a statewide pool is quite an accomplishment.”

In addition to its general excellence, the Speculator is honored to celebrate its editor-in-chief, Erica Petz (SR), who was the only staff member to receive an individual award. Petz won a “Superior” rating for her commentary article ‘Strong Leadership is the Key to Winning a Blizzarmaggedon.” (Click here to read her article.)

“I had submitted another editorial along with the “Blizzarmageddon” piece, and while I hoped that at least one of them would do well at GSPA, I definitely wouldn’t say I expected to win. Individual awards, especially superiors, are rare, and I am so honored to have received one of them,” said Petz. “I put a great deal of time and effort into this particular article since I figured students all over the state were writing about the snow-jam incident, and I wanted my work to stand out. It’s definitely one of my favorite articles I have ever written since it required mixing research and my copious number of opinions and I got it to flow seamlessly. I am just thrilled to see my efforts pay off like this.”


(cover photo courtesy Speculator: Vision, edited by Nate Harris)

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