Lacrosse rumors are unfounded; Duncan urges students to move on

ColbyHesseltine and NateHarris

Principal Tim Duncan addressed the recent lacrosse rumors in an interview Wednesday, requesting that students move past the allegations of misconduct among the players during a Spring Break hotel stay. Duncan said that “four students received discipline” and that “they’re back in school, trying to move on.” He reminded students that, though students may be off campus, when they are on a team event “[student-athletes are] under school rules and those enforcements.” Duncan maintained that the offenders had paid their dues, saying “It’s not fair to single out any small group of kids. They have paid their punishment.”

Duncan also commented on the lack of damage caused by the incident, saying “what took place down there was pretty quiet, and nothing brought harm to outside individuals.” He contrasted this incident with the recklessness shown during the latest round of Junior-Senior Wars, saying “[The Wars are] far worse to me, far worse, than what these other kids did,” adding that the vandalism of the Wars is “worse than some other humans doing something to themselves and not hurting others.”

However, Principal Duncan emphasized the need for forgiveness and stressed the good that can come out of situations like this. “That’s where we learn, over and over again, we’re going to make mistakes. Mistakes offer the opportunity to learn valuable lessons that can contribute to making us better individuals. High school offers a great opportunity to learn from more than just the books.”


(cover photo courtesy Public Domain)

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