Skipping Classes…Legally

SungminAn, News Editor and Chief Website Editor

TylerChan, Staff Reporter

As the new school year starts, students begin picking classes that they will take for the rest of the school year. For seniors, who often drive to school, the choices are broader than those for underclassmen. Though these classes are not offered exclusively to seniors, online courses are becoming a norm among upperclassmen. It may be bizarre for the majority of the students to think of taking a core subject or even an elective without the guidance of a teacher; however, the students’ freedom to make their own decisions and the newfound flexibility in their schedules are the two main reasons behind why online classes have become such a hit.

From the perspectives of the students who decide to take online classes, their reasoning revolves around a similar basis. Abhishek Mehta (12) tells us, “Because senior year is a busy year, I wanted my classes to revolve around my own schedule instead of me having to adjust to a school set schedule.” Similarly, Samuel Kim (12) says, “I like how online classes allow me to work in any kind of environment and around my own time. I like working at home because I feel more relaxed. Also, as an added bonus, I get to go home right after 4th period.” The positives of online classes seem to be appealing to all types of students regardless of grade; however, not everyone had the same reaction to this unique learning experience.

Initially, an online class is set into a student’s schedule without allowing the student to choose what period he or she wants it to be. As a result, if an online class is placed into the middle of one’s day, then the freedom and flexibility the online class is well known for becomes obsolete. Eric Hsu (12) tells us, “My online class is during 3rd period, and because of that I have to sit here learning a subject which is kind of confusing to understand without someone teaching.” Eric’s experience reveals that though online classes may be popular–they do not suit everyone.


(Cover photo courtesy Georgia Virtual School)


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