Who Is Mrs. Gomez?

LianFeng, Staff Reporter

In the A hall, you can always hear the delicate sound of classical string melodies. However, this year the sounds of jaunty fiddle tunes and guitar strumming are heard with the help of Ms. Gomez, Chattahoochee’s new orchestra teacher. Her enthusiasm for music is sure to infect any student who crosses her path. But who is she, really?

When she was younger, Ms. Gomez was surrounded by a world of music because both of her parents were music teachers. Thus, they were the people who inspired her love of music, but it was primarily her own passion that spurred her to teach music. She loves the freedom of teaching without a standardized test; taking the time where it is needed. Nonetheless, her favorite part is getting to know the kids.

Before Chattahoochee, she played viola professionally in a symphony and taught English in South America. She also taught orchestra, AP Music Theory and a guitar class at a high school in Cobb County for nine years. When Ms. Gomez heard of a guitar class her sister was teaching in Florida, she followed suit and started the first class of its kind in Cobb County because she thought it would be fun. She likes connecting with those who aren’t in orchestra through guitar. “You are more engrained with the school instead of just an orchestra teacher to the side,” she adds with a smile.

Besides being Chattahoochee’s cheery new music teacher, Ms. Gomez’s hands are filled with other hobbies. She plays in an Irish band and fiddles when she can, so she started a fiddling class and runs the Fulton County Fiddlers. Ms. Gomez loves to do anything outdoorsy whether it’s hiking, camping, or running. “My daughters say I remind them of a deer,” she laughs.

“It’s going to be a great year,” she says animatedly. “I’m excited. It’s going to be big.”


(Cover photo courtesy Fulton County Fiddlers)


One thought on “Who Is Mrs. Gomez?”

  1. Great article. Well written with just a few AP style issues. Run it by an editor to get them fixed. Also, the final quote seems lonely. Maybe include what she has planned for this year before that quote, and it’d be next to perfect. Great job here.

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