Album Review: “Strange Desire” and “In the Lonely Hour”


Jack Antonoff, the lead guitarist of Fun, has a new side project called Bleachers, with a new album called “Strange Desire” that came out in July. Most of the songs on the album are really catchy, such as “Shadow”, “Rollercoaster”, and the main single from the album: “I Wanna Get Better.” Although it is an alternative album, a few songs have a ‘80s vibe, such as “Like a River Runs” and “You’re Still a Mystery.” When Antonoff has other artists feature in the songs “Take Me Away” and “I’m Ready to Move On,” it seems unnecessary because he can make great music without them, but overall it is an awesome album and a 9/10.

Sam Smith, a British singer-songwriter, released his first album, “In the Lonely Hour,” in May for the United Kingdom and in June for the United States. The album’s biggest hit, “Stay With Me,” has been a huge success, mostly because of Smith’s terrific singing voice and the song’s great instrumentals. Other likable songs from this album include “Money of My Mind” and “Lay Me Down.” A downside of this album can be that the songs “Leave Your Lover” and “Not in That Way” sound like stereotypical love songs. Overall, it is an album worth checking out and a 7.5/10.



One thought on “Album Review: “Strange Desire” and “In the Lonely Hour””

  1. This article is not very relevant to Chattahoochee, but can be more if you get quotes from students and their reactions to the albums. Few AP Style errors (comma goes inside “,”). And if this is going to be a review, make it a review. Put your opinion in there as opposed to one sentence at the end of each paragraph. But good job.

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