Chemical Spill Not a “Basic” Part of School Day


One morning during the second week of school, Mr. Mihordea was preparing a solution for a lab in his classroom. He had to go into the stockroom to retrieve a 1.5 liter bottle of nitric acid, a very dangerous and highly concentrated acid. When he was walking out of the stockroom, he dropped the bottle, spilling the acid all over the floor. There was a puddle of acid between him and the door, and he was unable to get out. Mr. Wolfe was in the classroom, and was able to help Mr. Mihordea by pouring baking soda on the acid to neutralize it and make it safe for him to get out of the stockroom.

Mr. Mihordea claimed the accident “just happened” and that the students in the classroom were not in danger. In the six years they have worked together, Mr. Wolfe has never been in Mr. Mihordea’s room in the morning. “I heard this is where the cool kids hang out,” Mr. Wolfe stated as his reason for being in the classroom. Mr. Mihordea thought it was “really freaky” that Mr. Wolfe was in the classroom on the day he spilled the chemical, and he considers himself very lucky to have gotten away with no serious injuries.


One thought on “Chemical Spill Not a “Basic” Part of School Day”

  1. Very interesting story. I’m torn on my critique of this article. It feels like it’s missing something, but I can’t really think of any more surface details you can discuss, and no background information (such as, in this case, how often these spills occur, what could happen, would has happened in the past) seems really necessary. It’s good, but maybe it just doesn’t need to be reported in a publication…

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