Chattahoochee’s fall to Cherokee a learning experience

NeelSwamy, Sports Editor

The Friday Night Lights are back and it is time for Chattahoochee football. The ambiance last Friday at the home game was reminiscent of seasons before. Unfortunately, the Chattahoochee Cougars suffered a 48-7 defeat against the Cherokee Warriors. This harsh experience will prove to be a learning experience for the rest of the season.

The main problem with the Cougars was the amount of turnovers. The offense seemed to be penetrable with a fair amount of fumbles in the running game. The defense also seemed unable to stop Cherokee’s aerial threats with virtually no running plays coming from the opponent’s offense. The player who seemed to have the strongest presence on the field for the offense was running back Blake Hundley (JR). Hundley still managed to move the ball down the field despite a lack of coverage by the offensive line. The shortcomings of the offensive line were so detrimental that late in the first half, coach Vince Strine moved Josh Weisberg (SR) to offense. David Nicoletta (JR), the new quarterback, had a tough first game transitioning into the new coaching style promoted by Strine. There was a clear lack of passing plays that utilized receivers Isaiah Sayles (JR) and Isaac Kinsey (SO). On the defensive side Weisberg and Boris Kopelov (SR) made their mark on the field.

All in all, the team will have to take this game as a learning experience and work off of what they have learned. If the team uses this as a stepping stone for the rest of the season this fall will be prosperous for them. The year will face a decent amount of adversity but there is no success without hardship.


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One thought on “Chattahoochee’s fall to Cherokee a learning experience”

  1. Not a bad article. I like how you did explained the shortcomings, but maybe a little more play-by-play or player stats might increase the article. Try to get a quote from key players or perhaps Coach Strine about what went wrong, what they’re doing to improve, their reaction, etc. Good job Neel.

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