Sheffield continues to shine


Chattahoochee has seen its fair share of star athletes; however, very few have been stars since the first time they put on a Hooch uniform. As many know, Marcus Sheffield (SR) is no ordinary athlete. Hooch’s basketball star has been putting up ridiculous numbers since his freshman year, and he has only improved since then. Trying to predict what the future holds for a young star is always the most exciting part of watching him develop, and Marcus’s future is starting to become clear.

This past summer Sheffield committed to Stanford University. Stanford fans everywhere are beyond ecstatic to bring in the four-star recruit. Marcus turned down offers from top tier basketball schools including Clemson, Kansas State and Florida State, along with several other powerhouses.

Alex Kladis (JR), one of Marcus’s teammates, thinks Stanford is the perfect fit. “First off, Stanford is Stanford. It’s an insanely great school and any degree from Stanford will guarantee Marcus an amazing future.” Kladis went on to add, “But Stanford is also a great basketball school, and they’re continuing to get better. It’ll be a great place for [Sheffield] to shine.” Sheffield’s hard work has put him in a situation that will guarantee a successful future.

Sheffield is continuing to work, and his senior year might be his best season yet. Even though Sheffield has been in the spotlight for the past three years, he has stayed humble the whole time. Chattahoochee is looking forward to watch their star for one last season.

One thought on “Sheffield continues to shine”

  1. First off, you might have accidentally published this instead of saving it as a draft, because you have no tags or cover photo for it. Secondly, regarding the article itself, you don’t seem to say much except that he’s going to Stanford. Why did you ask his teammate as opposed to quoting Sheffield himself? And your ending is both lackluster and spirit-crying, which doesn’t sound very professional in a legitimate article. But it was interesting.

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