Students Rely On College Football


It is that time of the year. College football is upon us. The drama, the mysteries of a new season and even the futures of many Chattahoochee students will be unveiled within these next three glorious months of college football.

“It’s like heartbreak every week.” Libby Siegel (SO) stated, “College football runs my life.” Libby is one of many Chattahoochee students whose attitude is determined weekly by how their favorite team (Texas, in her case) did on any given Saturday night. Among her are students such as Chase Blanchard (SO), Alex Kladis (JR), Zach Huet (SR), and many many more.

Some people allow college football to have a bigger impact their lives. “I am going to go to a college that has a good football team,” stated Mason Hebert (JR). “If it means I go to a less quality school, so be it.” On the other end of the spectrum is Hooch’s star football player Josh Weisberg (SR). Josh has received offers to play football for schools such as University of Pittsburgh, Davidson College, and several others. “My future lies in the hands of whatever team impresses me the most,” Josh stated. Every Saturday night, Josh watches football with his friends knowing he will be on those same fields and under those same spotlights next year.

Whether it is simply trying to avoid humiliation from those friends who love to rub every loss in your face or determining your future based off a 12 game season, college football has a deep root in the lives of many of Chattahoochee’s students, and they cannot help but love that fact.

One thought on “Students Rely On College Football”

  1. Don’t say “many many”, just ” many”. Try to mention everyone’s favorite college team with them. On second mention, use last names (Weisberg said, not Josh said). Otherwise it’s pretty good. Relevant after a twist, entertaining, and well-written. Good job.

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