Moe’s vs. Chipotle vs. Qdoba: The Battle of the Burrito


Johns Creek residents are notorious for loving the overstuffed burritos that Moe’s, Chipotle and Qdoba have to offer. While all of these restaurants offer generally the same fare, students at Chattahoochee have most definitely taken their side on which is superior. The restaurant chains have their pro’s and con’s, such as price, freshness and surprisingly queso availability is a definite make-or-break.

Moe’s: the “McDonalds of burritos” as I prefer to call it. Moe’s is an excellent place to stop and fill your face with free chips and salsa if you aren’t looking to break the bank. While offering queso, Moe’s has fallen short on the freshness aspect of fine burrito dining. The chain has meat that I believe is just above the par that Michelle Obama has set with her new lunch programs, but I also tend to forget this as I dive my fresh-out-of-the-fryer-chip into melted cheese and free salsa. Moe’s is a quick and cheap fix to your burrito hankering, being the students least favorite, it may not be the best option for your fresh food needs.

Qdoba is the ultimate hybrid of burrito eateries, serving freshness with a side of queso. The burritos served at Qdoba are so massive they may just break the soft tortilla, spilling out with salsa, sour cream and perfectly cooked steak. This can all be enjoyed while feasting on a side bowl of hot queso dripping down your fried tortilla. Qdoba has the atmosphere nearly mimicking that of its fiercest competitor: Chipotle, with a classic lunch –line style preparation with customizable burritos or bowls, however Qdoba has fallen short; Chipotle reigns supreme amongst Chattahoochee students against the contrary belief of Michael Fusco “The burritos are bigger, and they have queso…what Mexican restaurant doesn’t have queso come on.”

The best of the Burrito world, the inspiration behind works of vine art; “Oh mah god Chipotle is mah life” stands true amongst the CHS student body. Chipotle is the fan favorite (not by much) simply because the food tastes better. The burritos seem to be fresher, more appetizing and overall a more enjoyable food item. “Fresh food, everything’s fresh” said Griffin Kern. This was the overall theme of Chipotle reviews, in one word to be described as fresh. While Chipolte may be the most expensive of the three, is seems as though CHS students have found a way to muscle through it making It their favorite place to get burritos.

Photo courtesy: Chipotle


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