The Persian Version of Flavor


Tucked in a quiet corner at a plaza on Douglas Road, Noosh Kitchen is a tiny little-known restaurant serving home-cooked Persian food that is family owned and operated by Mrs. Nooshin and Mr. Saied. The restaurant carries a homey atmosphere, and the food is on par too. I had the pleasure of going to dinner there recently with my family and the Wymans (including Alli Wyman (JR) and Nikki Wyman (SR)). It was all of our first times ever trying Persian cuisine, and we were quite jumpy with anticipation.

Walking in, we were immediately greeted by smiling waiters, who took us to our table, handed us each a menu and kindly notified us that hot tea was complimentary if we asked. We ordered an Eggplant Delight for the appetizer, the chef’s special of fried eggplant with tomato sauce and garlic. It came with a small basket filled with naan, a Persian bread that is frequently compared to a tortilla, that are used to scoop up the sauce and the eggplant without utensils. The chef, Mrs. Nooshin, also kindly sent us a complimentary appetizer that was almost like a casserole, stacked with layers of cheese, noodles, and ground beef. We all agreed it was a stellar way to start the evening.

Noosh Kitchen takes the most pride in its kabobs, and it did not disappoint. Each entrée came with a house salad, onions, basmati saffron rice and a grilled tomato. I ordered the popular Chicken Makhsoos, their signature kabob of chicken breasts marinated in yogurt, saffron, olive oil and fresh herbs. I found the chicken to be juicy and tender. However, the portions were so big I couldn’t even finish half of it. No worries though. That just meant there were plenty of leftovers for me the next day. Interestingly enough, the rice, although only a side to the chicken, was my favorite part of the whole meal. Although rice is normally tasteless, Noosh Kitchen’s saffron rice was buttery with subtle hints of spices. It was a nice complement to the intense flavor of the chicken.

Persian food is an ethnic cuisine that is not as widely eaten as other ethnic cuisines like Mexican and Chinese food, but it has now become a family favorite. I’ll definitely be going back to try more. Although it’s a little bit on the pricey side ($12-18), Noosh Kitchen is a wonderful place with delicious food to spend the evening on a date or a night out because of its moody lighting, elegant décor and flavorful food.


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