Fulton County Redistricting

SungminAn- News Editor and Website Editor

LianFengStaff Reporter

Recently, almost everyone has been talking about the colorful maps outside the front office. These maps show the new redistricting proposals for elementary, middle, and high schools in Fulton County for the next school year.

According to Mr. Duncan, there are currently three plans that are being debated: Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. The first plan entails no change. In Plan B, our school absorbs the Seven Oaks neighborhood from Northview and gives up the “Douglas Road Triangle” to Alpharetta High School. Finally, in Plan C, Chattahoochee gives up Tuxford to Alpharetta High School, and Alpharetta hands over Park Brooke in return. However, Mr. Duncan notes that there is a chance that none of these plans will be adopted. And even if the new plans are adopted in February, they will be unlikely to affect the majority of the student population.

The motivation for these new redistricting plans is to streamline middle school graduates to one high school so that there will be less stress on them after being “separated from their friends in middle school.” In addition, certain middle schools in Fulton County have become overcrowded and are undergoing renovations to increase their capacity. Factors that are considered in these plans include the size of the school building, the concentration of the neighborhoods and the predictions for future population changes and community development.

At community proposal meetings, everyone is encouraged to provide feedback. The final voting will take place in February next year, and the decision will be released for the start of the 2015-2016 school year later in the summer. Mr. Duncan stresses that it is crucial for voters to go out to the polls because “their actions will have a great impact on the future of our students.”

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