Album Review: 1989- Taylor Swift


Have you ever desired an album that could make you dance around your room one second and start sobbing thinking about your ex the next? Well, “1989” by Taylor Swift is the perfect album to do just this. Being a major “Swiftie” myself, I had been anticipating the fifth Taylor Swift album since she released the first single, “Shake it off,” in late August. “Shake it off” is one of those tracks that after hearing it once, it is permanently stuck in your head for the rest of your life; it’s a contagious disease of a song, but in a positive way.  The album can only be described in one word: flawless.

The range of songs in this album is way more extreme than any others she has ever had. The now “pop” Taylor Swift is making a debut with new musical techniques that she has never experimented with before.  While the majority of the music industry is still making what we call “mainstream pop,” “1989” is nothing like that. Swift collaborates with many renowned musical geniuses like Max Martin, Jack Antonoff, Imogen Heap and Ryan Tedder to make it unique and unlike any other pop album ever created.

On the album, there are thirteen new songs, three bonus tracks and three voice memos that she recorded from her iPhone and put onto the record. Two of the songs, “Out of the Woods” and “Welcome to New York” were early releases intended to engender hype before the official release date on Oct. 27. The songs range from happy, upbeat ballads such as “Style” and “How you get the Girl” to dark songs such as “Bad Blood” and “I Know Places”. There are also songs that make you contemplate life such as “Wildest Dreams” (my personal favorite) and “Clean.” The three bonus tracks, which are equally as wonderful as the regular songs, are “Wonderland,” “You Are in Love” and “New Romantics.” One of the most original parts about the album, however, is the voice memos at the end of the record. Hearing the process that she goes through before a song is finished is a great way to understand how she creates her masterpieces during the rough, rough draft period.

Taylor not only created the top album of 2014 and the only album to go platinum so far this year, but she also included something small in each album for the true fans. In each physical copy, there are 13 copies of Polaroids that she actually took and captioned herself. In addition, if you bought the album during the first week of sales, there was a code enclosed so that you could register to win prizes. The top prize included the grand prize of meeting Taylor which would be anyone’s dream come true. While just the album itself was a gift, receiving something else inside made it even more irresistible to purchase.

Taylor Swift’s “1989” is a must-buy and something that everyone should keep an open mind about. Her music style has changed since her last album, “Red,” and people who were not huge fans before may have a change of heart with the new sound she conveys on this record. Taylor Swift is an incredible artist that always promises to stay true to her fans and herself.  “1989” proves that while Taylor has always been the one to search for love and suffer from heartbreak, you first have to find yourself.


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