Hooch Reacts to the Election


This past week, the midterm elections took place around the country. In Georgia, the main race was between Michelle Nunn and David Perdue who were each running for the Senate. For the past few months, the two candidates have been campaigning for the ultimate prize of being chosen to represent Georgia in the United States Senate.

Students, parents, and everyone between have heard endless advertisements on the television for each contender and how “we the people” should elect this person to the Senate. Students at Chattahoochee have seemingly been even more outgoing with their opinions than students at other schools. One student who preferred to remain anonymous expressed his views stating, “I was very excited to see that David Perdue had won the elections. I approve of his policies and am glad that he will be representing Georgia in the near future.”

On the other hand, one member of the Young Democrats club was disappointed last Tuesday night after all the ballots were counted. He stated that, “I do not believe that anything will get done in the Senate this coming session. The GOP has been a minority in Congress for a while and now that they have the power, they will not know how to create any change within the country. Their main goal is going to get rid of Obama’s policies, but it won’t get done because Obama will just veto the bill when it comes out of Congress.”

One student who has requested to stay incognito was disappointed, not in the outcome, but because the process the candidates used to try to win was “over-the-top.” This person stated that, “Constantly watching David Perdue say that Michelle Nunn supports ISIS, and Michelle Nunn trying to defend herself got pretty boring after a while because we all know that they both are just fabricating random facts to win the election. If both of the candidates actually told the voters what policies they support, then maybe the race might not be such a controversial issue every two years.”

Chattahoochee’s faculty and students have both expressed their opinions on the past week’s election. Most are just glad that the entire process is over and can go back to living their lives, which are free of all political propaganda.

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