What’s new in Alpharetta: Avalon


Alpharetta has a new playground:the Avalon. This outdoor mall has caught the attention of nearly every citizen with it’s city-feel and seasonal ambiance.

“I love how the Avalon is outdoors; it is just like a city, I love it” said Kylee Connolly (Jr).

Once into the heart of the outdoor experience that is the new mall, the soft lighting of the apartments casts a warm and inviting atmosphere upon the classy, ground level stores. The outdoor ice skating rink is an excellent attraction for families. The Regal Cinema, with it’s reclining home-style chairs, is also quite the attribute to add to the list of family friendly events. Once into the stores, there is an obvious standard of upper class attire, including Vineyard Vines, KSO and Tommy Bahama-sure to please the big spender. The neat and organized shelves, modern architecture, and helpful employees reflects the experience of the Avalon as an upper-class venue.

The stores and family friendly activities only scratch the surface of what the Avalon has to offer; the restaurants uphold the standard of high class living. There are several restaurants that offer a variety of cuisine from a steakhouse to a sports bar. Avalon is a mall full of expensive stores and top-quality merchandice, the resturaunt scene mirrors this standard of excellence and the price remains the same:expensive. Be prepared to spend upwards of $75 for a simple dinner date and movie. With the accommodations the Avalon has to offer, it has become one of the most popular places to spend a memorable Saturday night.

Alpharetta has been making leaps toward a new image as the city to live in. The addition of the Avalon as well as the downtown renovations, Alpharetta has become the city to envy.


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