Deli Distiction: F2O/ Panera/ Jason’s Deli

Nabeel Khan Staff Reporter

Delis are some of the most popular places to eat in our area. They provide the perfect combination of fast, fresh and frugal sandwiches that appeal to everyone. The three that are the most successful are Fresh to Order, Panera Bread and Jason’s Deli.

Jason’s Deli: The restaurant with the most variety. By incorporating styles that range from New England Clam Chowder to the Southwest Style Ranchero Wrap, Jason’s has created a menu that appeals to everyone. The restaurant’s wide-spread appeal is especially noticeable on a weekend, when the restaurant is filled, and the line spans out of the door. However, Jason’s has extremely fast service and a large seating capacity; you will never have a wait longer than five minutes. Even this small dilemma is remedied by the fact that Jason’s has free ice cream and cornbread. After sitting down and waiting a matter of minutes for your meal, you will be greeted by the rich, freshly cooked flavors that make Jason’s Deli famous.

Fresh to Order: Located off of Abbott’s Bridge, Fresh to Order is a relatively small eatery with a classy, but lively vibe. The chic, modern decor is matched with equally contemporary foods such as the bunless burger and almond chicken skewers. While they have a plethora of new foods, they are still a deli at their roots; F2O has a range of light salads and sandwiches to choose from. At $8-11 a meal, Fresh to Order is moderately pricey in terms of lunch, but the ambiance and one-of-a-kind food create an experience that is unlike any other.

Panera Bread: Panera Bread took the concept of soup/salad/sandwich and ran with it. Nearly every item on the menu falls into one of these categories, there is a wide variety of possibilities to choose from such as the Mediterranean Couscous Bowl and the Frontega Chicken Sandwich. Panera is well known for its homey appeal; they encourage you to grab a hot chocolate and sit by the fireplace. Falling in about the same price range as F2O but with larger portions, Panera is a great place to relax and enjoy a meal.


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