Player Profile- Cecily Mohammed


Cecily Mohammed is a female football player. She has made a daring move by going into a field where females are not conventionally welcome. Despite receiving recognition from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mohammed stays humble and continues to work for her goal.

You have taken a brave step by doing something no other girl in your school has done. What inspired you to play football?

I wanted to be unique and prove people wrong. The fact is that most people think that girls cannot play, but I wanted to show that a girl can compete with boys.

How do you deal with being different from everyone else on the team?

The truth is that I do not feel like I am different when I am on the field. I have been through a lot of adversity with the team and feel as though I am one of the guys.

Are there any players in particular that made you feel more welcome when you began to play, and if so, how?

It did not come from one player in particular. It was a concerted effort by the team to welcome and accept me. I received a lot of support from everyone around me.

After a full season on the team, how do you think you have developed, not only as an athlete, but as a person?

I have become very confident in my skills as a kicker, but more importantly, I have gained confidence in myself. I am proud to have taken a different path from the typical girl and survive in it.

You are part of the Think Pink organization. What is it and how are you involved?

I am actually the founder of the organization. It is based around raising awareness for breast cancer. I feel that the organization has grown greatly because of the publicity that the team has given me; I cannot thank them enough.

How far do you wish to take your kicking career?

My main goal for football is to be the best player I can be. Although it will take a lot of work, I hope to become a collegiate athlete.


Although Cecily is only a freshman, she has high hopes for herself and has the support of Chattahoochee behind her.

One thought on “Player Profile- Cecily Mohammed”

  1. I made three little edits (changed don’t to do not, spelled out AJC, added period to first paragraph). Other than that, you really can’t mess up a Q and A. Very interesting topic, didn’t know we had a female football player, that’s awesome! And great interview, great questions. Very good job Nabeel.

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