Georgia Honors Program


As fall semester rolls around, several students are given the opportunity to participate in the Georgia Governors Honors Program. The program, commonly known as “GHP,” is a summer program designed to provide intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students from across the state the opportunity to receive challenging instruction in their subjects for four weeks in the summer. This year, the program will be held at Valdosta State University.

Many GHP alumni have commented on the experience as unforgettable and one of the most amazing events they have ever participated in. These notable GHP alumni encompass a wide range of people—varying from musicians, film producers, university professors, engineers and novelists.

Rising juniors and seniors in Georgia’s public and private schools are nominated for this program by their teachers during the school year. Each student is nominated in a specific subject area in which they are skilled and/or interested. Nominees then go through an extensive selection process in which transcripts of grades are submitted, and statewide interviews and auditions are conducted. Anna Kovalsky [JR] recalls how difficult and complicated the selection process was. “I was nominated by my Spanish teacher this year, although I did not make it through the second round of the selection. The interview was very intense—the GHP interviewer asked me various questions in Spanish, testing my communications skills in the language.”

Several students here from Chattahoochee, like Anna, are nominated every year and compete against other Georgia high school students for an exclusive spot in the program, and some are fortunate enough to make it through the first and second rounds of the selection process, and on their way to Valdosta State University in the summer to attend the program. Not only are participants able to immerse themselves in a subject that they feel passionate about, but are also able to live on a college campus for four weeks.

If you possess talent in a particular subject area, GHP may be an excellent opportunity to strengthen your future college application and to further explore a potential career choice.


One thought on “Georgia Honors Program”

  1. I made a few edits to your article (minor errors, like a missing space or missing “is,” nothing huge). Good article, I like the use of a quote, maybe try to get another, or get a teacher on how they decide to nominate. You could specifically get Anna’s teacher for a mini Anna profile. And the ending is a little unnecessary, since the student doesn’t really have a choice of whether or not to do it. You can’t just sign up. Those that are nominated mostly likely accept the nomination, and those that aren’t nominated can’t participate, so the ending which sounds like a recommendation isn’t really needed. With that taken out, the ending would seem undone if you left it at the paragraph before it. Basically, just make a new summarizing ending, but don’t make it sound like a recommendation. Other than that, great job. From what I’ve read so far, you are a great writer.

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