Taylor Road Power Outage


Today, middle school students were forced to evacuate from Taylor Road Middle School due to a power outage. Despite all the facts being unclear, Mr. Duncan has revealed during the announcements today that the outage was caused by a mistake of a construction worker, who accidentally struck the power line. As a result, Taylor Road students were forced to take refuge at Chattahoochee High School gym and had to contact their parents to be released early. Those who were not being picked-up had to eat lunch in the cafeteria alongside Chattahoochee students. Tyler Chan (SR) expressed concern for the refugees, stating, “I have a tutee named Damien ¬†Alvarez who goes to Taylor Road, and I am worried about his safety. Although it is a bit inconvenient for high school students to eat with middle schoolers, I hope that we can alleviate their struggles.”

These kinds of accidents do not happen often, but when they do happen, it is imperative for us to cooperate for the benefit of all.


One thought on “Taylor Road Power Outage”

  1. at THE Chattahoochee High School gym (main or aux?), couldn’t really see any other errors. Ending is a bit of a cop-out. What I mean is, ever article doesn’t have to have a positive, uplifting, moral explanation at the end. It can just end when the facts are done. In fact, when you give that little moral, you’re talking directly to the reader as a person, which you don’t do in a news article. Try to quote Duncan directly rather than paraphrase (seems more concrete and professional), and maybe get a quote from someone in administration at Taylor Road. I do like the student quote though, good job. AND YOU GOT THE ARTICLE ONLINE THE DAY OF THE EVENT! Awesome!

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