Battle of the Lots

SamBerman- Staff Reporter

Every weekday at 3:30 as the final bell rings, a swarm of students race to their cars to be the first ones out of the parking lot to beat the buses and get home early. In the chaos of leaving, accidents and extreme road rage occur as everyone tries to get out the fastest. Of course, Chattahoochee High School has a front and back parking lot, otherwise known at the junior and senior lots. For years, there has been a dispute over which lot is safer and easier to leave, and being a junior who has parked in both lots this year, I believe that I can offer an unbiased opinion.

At the start of the year, I parked in the junior lot, which was nice. There was relatively low traffic and I was able to get out fairly early. But the disadvantage of parking in the junior lot is that as the year goes on, more and more students begin to park there. As sophomores get their licenses, they begin to fill the front lot, and by the end of the year, the lot is almost completely full. Traffic will increase and you will find yourself getting home at a later time each and every day. Overcrowding and getting home later is the reason that I chose to get a senior lot pass.

The senior lot is ginormous, and that may be intimidating to some, but it is important to realize that the system the school has put in place for students leaving is extremely efficient. Unlike the single-lane junior lot exit, the senior lot has two lanes for departure. A police officer stands at the exit and choses which lane will go so there is no confusion in deciding who has the right of way. The senior lot provides a much safer and efficient exit.

Though I am obviously in favor of the senior lot, there can be arguments made for both lots. At the end of the day, how quickly you get to your car really depends on where your seventh period class is and how fast you can run.

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