Dating Practices That Shouldn’t Have Died

SaraEdwards editorials editor
AmeliaBeaudry seniors editor
In ancient days the woman of romantic interest was captured and forced into marriage. When the Medieval Ages came around, chivalry rituals that are used today were invented. During the Victorian Era, courting was a common practice, where the man and woman got acquainted through chaperoned visits. Now, it’s 2014: the time of hook ups, friends with benefits and relationships being labeled as “too outdated” or “too much work.” Where did the traditional dating customs go? Girls claim chivalry is dead and boys argue that girls expect too much. When asked “what dating customs never should’ve gone out of style?” the students of Chattahoochee said:

Sam Berman (JR)- Going through the actual process of going on dates before asking the girl to be my girlfriend should become more common again.

Jessica Zdenek (JR)- They should make drive-in movie dates more popular again.

Dallas Shook (JR)- There’s a high expectation and both sides need to just meet in the middle.

Majesty Mathews (SR)- I love when a guy actually plans the date and asks the girl out in person. I wish handwritten letters would be brought back.

Alex Landry (SR)- We should bring back taking girls out on picnics, exploring and getting to know someone on the first date instead of just seeing a movie.

Jeunelle Robson (SR)- Guys showing up at your door with flowers when they pick you up should be more common.

Andy Smith (SR)- I like the idea of dressing up, meeting the parents and bringing flowers when picking a girl up for a date.

Gina Grecco (SR)- Boys should ask the girl out in person.

Will Davenport (SR)- I like the concept of relationships in the 1970’s and 1980’s romance movies. Picnics, letters, talking on the phone instead of texting, face to face time, physically asking people out, surprise roses and chocolates should all become popular ideas again.


(Photo courtesy Flickr Creative Commons)

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