How to Throw the Perfect Cliché Christmas Party


Help from JulianneDomnaur

The holidays are a time to bring family and friends together in happiness. There’s no better way to accomplish this surprisingly simple task than a cliché Christmas party. The Christmas party is the epitome of structured seasonal gatherings with specific, yet flexible, guidelines. The perfect party can be achieved in few steps, and with this guide, you’re sure to throw the holiest jolliest party on the block.

Christmas is all about giving and receiving presents. The best way to incorporate this Holiday tradition is either a “White-Elephant” gift exchange or a Classic Secret Santa. The white elephant is a gift exchange where gifts are passed, opened, stolen and exchanged: a quick Google search would be a useful tool for instructions. Secret Santa being the random drawing of a gift recipient, is a classic.  However you choose to incorporate the gift of giving into your party, presents are a fool proof aspect of the perfect Christmas party.

With the gifts covered, we move on to the ambiance. There has to be a specific area where the party is thrown; this area needs to be decked out. Lights, paper snowflakes and Santa dolls are all excellent choices to set the mood for your Christmas party. Music is another important aspect of the holiday spirit, and with a decent speaker and Pandora is an excellent way to really make sure your guests have their favorite songs dancing around their head.

No party is a success without games and competitions. A popular game that has the power to tear friendships apart, but bring out the spirit in everyone, is a gingerbread house-building competition. It’s simple; everyone has a generic starter kit house, and the winner is chosen by a non-biased judge. If you really want to make your party as cliché as possible, the pin the tail on rudolph is an excellent route to take for holiday entertainment.

Make sure there is plenty of eggnog to go around, and the Christmas music never stops. If you follow this guide, you are sure to have a successful cliché Christmas party.

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