Mandarin House Review


If you consider yourself a Chinese food junkie and are convinced that you’ve tried every egg roll the city has to offer, think again. Mandarin House isn’t like any other Johns Creek Chinese restaurant, it’s an undiscovered gem. Mandarin House creates the illusion of chowing down at your own kitchen table. The quaint restaurant may not seem like much at first glance, but your taste buds will strongly disagree after taking your first bite.


The premiere dish, Sesame Chicken, combines a perfect crunchiness with a light fried coating only to later be covered in a tangy sauce. Another mouthwatering item on the menu for seafood lovers is Shrimp with Peapods. The large, succulent shrimp are paired with fresh pea pods and an assortment of other vegetables smothered in a thin garlic sauce all perfectly laid over white rice. Don’t sleep on the Mongolian Beef which has become one of the most ordered dishes and proves to be incredibly delectable; it is considered a serious contender for best Mongolian Beef in the city. There are no measly appetizers on the menu, but Mandarin House’s chicken wings could be described as “to die for.”


At Mandarin House the only thing more satisfying than your meal is your check. You can eat your weight in fried rice without breaking the bank. This restaurant is perfect for a meal out with your family, but larger parties should look elsewhere. If you want above average Chinese food that’s close and affordable, Mandarin House may be a great fit.


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