Post-Season Interview: Pavan Sastry


This season, the Chattahoochee football team played their hearts out. Unfortunately, the team did not get the results that it was hoping for, but there were some players who did make an impact. One of those players was Pavan Sastry (Jr.). Due to the numerous amount of tackles that he had, one can say that Pavan had a great season. Since the fourth grade, Pavan has been playing on the Hooch football team and it has become a part of his life. When asked why he loves this sport so much, Pavan responded, “I cannot imagine my life without it. Football has given me a new family that I did not have before.”

Q: How did you train to get ready for the season?

A: I made sure to lift lots of weights and run often so that I could stay in shape for the season.

Q: What did you do during the season to prepare to play other teams?

A: During the season, we made sure to view game film and to take note of other teams’ formations and tendencies. We wanted to be in the best possible position to win and watching film gave us the best chance.

Q: How do you think you have improved as a player over the years?

A: I think over the years, I’ve improved greatly because the outcomes have made me realize that it takes everyone to be successful. I’ve realized that I don’t need to play a perfect game. I just need to give 100 percent. When we all give our best effort great thing happen.

Q: Do you have an pre-game rituals that you do before games?

A: Before games, I normally sit and just think about what I need to do. Then I turn on some pump-up music to get hyped before we go out and play.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to share that you feel is important to you?

A: I think that football has given me a new family that I didn’t have before, and if it’s only for a few hours everyday, they are the best hours of each day. I love all my teammates and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Pavan is a very hard working player on Chattahoochee’s football team and he is looking forward to his senior year as he plays his last season of football.


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