Request for Flexibility

LianFeng– Staff Reporter

Chattahoochee is a part of the Fulton County Schools charter system. As a part of this system, an inaugural School Governance Council has been formed to individualize the school based on the needs of students. They created the school’s Strategic Plan after collecting data from the school’s spring survey, and have made four Request for Flexibility proposals to Fulton County.

The first proposal seeks to waive the personal fitness credit for students, who have either completed one season of a GHSA Varsity Sport, two seasons of a GHSA Junior Varsity Sport, or two seasons of marching band. This enables student athletes to have an open period so they can explore AP, Fine Arts or Career Tech courses.

The second proposal requests an expansion of the internship and work study program. Students would be allowed to search for their own opportunities giving more flexibility and career experience which would increase participation in the program and give more freedom for students to explore their interests. These programs are résumé builders that will help students when applying to college.

The third proposal will give upperclassmen the chance to take more college lecture-style courses that meet two to three times a week. The class size will be increased so there will be more student participation in the program. This type of program will better prepare students for their freshman year at college.

In the last proposal, accelerated-based classes will be expanded, and the seating time of certain courses will be waived if the students learn at a faster pace or have a greater knowledge of said course. Qualified students will be able to take an accelerated course in less time and then move onto a more advanced course. This gives gifted students more room to take AP courses and master skills at their own speed.

Over the next weeks, the Governance Council will continue reviewing these proposals that will affect the future of both students and teachers.



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