The 1975 Take The Tabernacle


Fog and anticipation created a hysterical atmosphere among thousands of devoted fans as The 1975 took the stage in rock star fashion. Strobe lights and minced lyrics filled the air and created a dream-like showcase in the Tabernacle Saturday, November 29.

Front man and lead singer, Matty Healy engaged the audience in all aspects throughout the  sold out event. The floor was filled to the brim and created a fire hazard waiting to happen.The crowd was rowdy to say the least and some still reeled from their 48-hour wait in line. The 1975 performed hit after hit while also pleasing the more zealous fans with lesser-known fan favorites.

From start to finish, the audience was submersed in a fantastical haze and consumed every mind-blowing guitar lick. Healy made sure every fan felt they were a part of the show even if they were in the balcony: not even a possible 20 foot drop stopped him from climbing to the top and greeting the fans. During another song, the audience was told to hold hands with a stranger because according to Healy “all the concertgoers are like-minded individuals.”

The band impressively balanced charming vulgarity and intimacy with the crowd during each performance. After each member took their final bow, the lights came on and the fog ceased waking up many fans  from a dream they wish had never ended. Little did the masses know that at around 1:30 a.m. Matty Healy, and guitarist, Adam Hann, would personally meet and embrace almost every shiver-stricken fan that patiently froze for two hours after the concert ended.


The 1975  certainly left their mark in Atlanta. Rumor has it they might return to Atlanta next fall.There is no question that future concerts will be memorable  and will most definitely  have fans in a frenzy.


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