The New Club on the Block


Chattahoochee has added to their already wide plethora of school clubs with the new Sports Talk Club. Juniors, Max and Evan Miller, took the initiative to start this club, due to their love of sports. They went to Ms. Wile to be the prospective sponsor and gained the signatures required to start the club. The idea behind the club is to give students the opportunity to express their ideas about sports as well as to learn what goes on behind the scenes.

The club’s first meeting started off by bringing in guest speaker, Steak Shapiro, a radio broadcaster for 790 the Fan, an AM Atlanta sports talk station. This proved to be a great way to attract a crowd. Max Miller stated, “It was really interesting to hear about his take on the world of sports. These are the exact kind of people we hope to bring in to boost our club attendance and to teach those about the massive sports industry.” They are looking to bring in other great voices in the sports community to come in a talk about their work experiences. The club looks to be in for the long hall with the goal to continue long after the Miller brothers graduate from Chattahoochee High School.

If you have an interest in sports or even have a little bit of curiosity behind the industry, make sure to come in the morning to see what the hype is all about. Meetings take place at around 7:15 once a month. If interested, make sure to either contact Evan and Max Miler or Ms. Wile to find more information.


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