Fencing Team Conquers


On January 17, the Chattahoochee Fencing Club, as a part of the Georgia High School Fencing League, attended a monthly tournament at Northview High School. Northview hosted a total of eight schools with over one hundred and thirty participants: about eighty in the women’s event and fifty in the men’s event. At the end of the day, Chattahoochee brought home three out of eight medals. Elina Moon and Lian Feng brought home gold and silver from the women’s event, respectively, and Jonathan Choi won silver for the men’s event. Overall, Chattahoochee gained two hundred points for the women’s team and eighty points for the men’s team.

As of now, the fencing team is ranked third in the state for men’s and second in the state for women’s. There are two Chattahoochee men and three Hooch women in the top ten. The final tournament of the season will be hosted by Lassiter High School on January 31. The fourteen qualified fencers from Chattahoochee, one of the highest numbers from a given school in the state, will attend the GHSFL Individual Championships at the end of February. Chattahoochee’s men’s and women’s teams will also participate GHSFL Team Championships that will be held in March in the hopes of taking home Hooch’s third golden trophy.


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