What to Watch for in the Academy Awards

PaulBurke Staff Reporter

Every winter, the Academy Awards, or “Oscars,” is the most viewed awards show of the year, and is the most anticipated red carpet event of the year. With all the unnecessary buzz surrounding the Awards, at its core, it is an event to congratulate the best movies, actors and so much more. With categories varying from “Best Picture” to “Best Film Editing” the awards cover nearly every aspect of movie production. 

This year, the films have lived up to the epic expectations that The Oscars have standardized. With blockbuster hits like “American Sniper”, “The Theory of Everything” and “The Imitation Game” to lesser known films such as “Whiplash” showing extreme potential to win the top prize,these movies are the best of the year and are truly meant to be there. “American Sniper”, a biographical film following Navy Seal Team 3 sniper Chris Kyle, is the frontrunner in the minds of the average viewer for being action packed and easily enjoyed by a wide audience. Chattahoochee students raved over the film, Stephen Wojick [SR] believes“it is a great story and visually impressive. I enjoyed the action scenes, and the acting was incredible.” The other film making waves amongst the general public is “The Imitation Game” which is also strong contender for the top prize. Slightly lesser known amongst the Chattahoochee Student body, The “Imitation Game”, impressed the group that made the trip to see it. With comments from Patric Pelli [JR] saying “It perfectly portrays the historic story with impeccable acting…”  it seems to have been quite the film. The lineup this year is top notch and sure to impress. 

The Oscars also presents awards for the best acting performances of the year. In the male category the actors up for nomination by large majority came from the films nominated for “Best Film.” All but one actor, came  from the list for “Best Films” highlighting the quality of the acting coming from the films. Actors like a Bradley Cooper (“American Sniper”) and  Michael Keaton for his work in “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” have made their way into the category. Acting performances from the list of the elite, like the films they star in, were some of the best The Oscars has seen in decades. 

This year’s Awards are highly anticipated and, for good reason. With a  unique combination of films and acting performances, the show is guaranteed to impress and surprise the millions of viewers, Chattahoochee students included, who tune in.


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