Ranking the Most Memorable Super Bowl Commercials

Nabeel Khan Staff Reporter

The average American finds the Super Bowl commercials as memorable as the game itself. In an effort to maximize their airtime on the most expensive night of the year, companies go out of their way to create advertisements that are jaw-dropping, heartwarming or hilarious. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best and and worst commercials of the 2015 Super Bowl.

Good: Loctite

Loctite shocked the nation with its first ever Super Bowl commercial. Immediately drawing attention through music and tacky dancing, the glue company was able to make a splash on the national scene. It takes quite a comedic effort to make people laugh from glue, but Loctite perfectly closed their commercial with the image of a middle aged couple stuck together claiming that “Loctite saved our marriage”. The commercial was a creative effort that made one company stand out in an industry where laughs are generally not common.

Bad: Nissan

My gut reaction to this commercial was “what the hell?”. Nissan opens up their 30 seconds with images of a woman struggling to give birth. However, the car company was able to draw together a storyline that consists of common American experiences such as balancing family life with the struggles of a hard job. This commercial was relatable and heart warming, although it could have been done without the sequence of childbirth.

Ugly: Carnival

Disgrace is the first word that comes to mind when viewing the Carnival commercial. By no means is Carnival Cruises a company worthy of planning a tribute to the late JFK, especially with all of the recent issues their company has had. Paired with corny, slow motion shots of people walking on the beach, Carnival’s attempt to bring out the inner-seaman in everyone failed miserably.

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