Salt Factory Adds Flavor to Alpharetta Cuisine

DannyCaplan Editor-in-Chief

Old town Alpharetta has slowly become the eating hub for the entire community. A new restaurant that joined in on the “Alpharetta Elite” party in 2008 is the Salt Factory. Located on South Main Street, Salt Factory has brought a comfy and classic cuisine to the heart of Alpharetta.

Salt Factory offers a plethora of dishes for the mature eater. Make sure to start off your meal with the sizzling oyster bar. Some may say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but the one foot tall display does not over-hype the taste of the appetizer. Next, it is essential to try a cheese dish. Although some may feel that ordering such a dish is a waste of money, this is well worth it. A particularly delicious option is the goat cheese sampler is paired with a pleasant pesto and warm bread with mustard spread.

Don’t get me wrong, these dishes are fantastic, but make sure to leave room for entrees –and in your refrigerator for leftovers –since each dish is gigantic. There are three routes that you could take for ordering an entrée. At some restaurants, ordering a salad is the healthy alternative to limit the amount of food consumed in a dish. If Salt Factory makes such a mixed-combo, I would love to see it. The Salt Factory Signature Salad will have you full for weeks with the perfect blend of vegetables, goat cheese and even fresh-baked bread as a crouton substitute.

The signature dishes are all pronounced, but the Crispy Rainbow Trout bring specialty to a whole new level with its succulent crispy fish and mouth-watering side hash with a surprise sausage. Don’t sleep on the burgers or pizza either. The margarita pizza will have you feeling like you are in Italy after each bite. The name Salt Factory is no accident; you will wake up the next day a little parched from the filling meal you enjoyed the night before.

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