Where We’re From

SamBerman- Staff Reporter

In the city of Johns Creek, we live in a unique area, where it has become increasingly uncommon to find someone who has lived here their whole life. At Chattahoochee especially, it seems as though everyone is from a different part of the country or region of the world. Whether from job opportunities, better standard of living or other reasons for migration, everyone is here for a reason. It is always interesting to look into how people got to where they are, and why they are here.

Brendan Lumpkin(FR) has lived in Johns Creek for only a short amount of time. About six months ago, he and his family moved here from just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Brendan, a lacrosse player, told us, “There are a lot of differences between Georgia and Pennsylvania. First off, it’s a lot hotter, and there are way more chain restaurants down here than other parts. Overall I really like it here though. Everyone is really nice.” Brendan is fitting in fine at his new school, and was surprised at how welcoming of a community Chattahoochee High School has been.

Many students have also immigrated from countries thousands of miles away from America. For example, Kevin Nam(SR) moved all the way from South Korea to take advantage of educational opportunities in the US. Kevin said that in South Korea, “The competition is a lot harder. Everyone basically studies all day and education is the only thing that matters. It’s so insane that students are only able to take the SAT once, and that score determines where you will go to college.” Kevin’s family moved here in order to give Kevin the opportunity to achieve a better education, and overall better life.

Regardless of why people end up at Chattahoochee or in Johns Creek, it seems as though it is always for the better and we should pride ourselves on making it a great place for everyone.



One thought on “Where We’re From”

  1. When I graduated high school (Milton) I moved from late 1980s Alpharetta (small, sleepy, Southern town…think of Cumming but even worse) to Philadelphia to attend college. It was very hard: Philly was noisy, dirty, rude, COLD!, always in constant manic motion; everything Alpharetta was not. For Brendan’s sake I hope the reverse was easier.

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