Doom and Gloom of Senior Year




When I was in middle school, I remember being excited about high school because of what I’d seen in the movies. There seemed to be a lot more freedom and independence, not to mention the additions of school functions such as homecoming, prom, spirit week and of course, pep rallies. I wish someone had told me, however, that these functions would become less and less fun as the years progressed, and high school was definitely not as fun as the movies made it seem.

I wish someone had told me that my senior year would be disappointing and that my expectations would not live up to their potential. I was looking forward to my class coming together and “going out with a bang.” Friends of mine that go to other high schools tell me about highly anticipated bonding programs they plan and how the class comes together for bonfires and competitions. I know, what a concept: the class actually finds it cool to attend a school function and wouldn’t dream of missing it. I tell them in response how no seniors came to the most recent rally and the spirit we express is dull or nonexistent. Granted, we have had a lot of our independence taken and our spirit nullified, so it’s not a mystery as to why the senior class walks around as if there are shackles around their ankles. The senior class council has been trying their best to create pep rallies and programs that we will enjoy, but their efforts are often thwarted.

Why do I keep mentioning the pep rally? Because it was the moment that made me realize how students are trudging through their senior year instead of enjoying it. The stands were vacant and there was a significant lack of cheering. The spirit police and senior leaders tried hard to get us to participate, so much so that the MCs of the rally had resort to begging to get us to at least stand up. It was a sad sight, especially when you realize the sophomore class is louder than your class, the class that is supposed to have the most energy. We couldn’t even manage to wear black as a class.

I’m a sentimental person, and lasts mean a lot to me. It was the last pep rally we will ever have. I can never go back and be a high schooler cheering in a pep rally, that time is now over. High school football games are now over, and from now on we will only be cheering for our college team. It’s a period of time that we can never return to, and it’s disappointing to realize that these lasts are not even worth enjoying. I don’t even know if there is a slight possibility there could be a cure for this new strand of senioritis, one I have never seen before. Not only are we lackadaisical toward our work and attendance, but we have also given up on our class, spirit and desire for a “bomb” final year in this jail that now, more than ever, feels like it really is a prison focused on making our sentence as miserable as possible.


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