Girl Scout Sorority: Gamma Gamma Sigma Club


Gamma Gamma Sigma club debuted this year and has been gradually gaining popularity since.  Many have described the club as a sorority for girls wanting to make a difference and get involved in their community. Gamma Gamma Sigma cultivates a platform for like-minded individuals to meet and rise to the occasion.

Every meeting leaves members with a sense of comraderie. With countless volunteer opportunities, the club opens its door to anyone wanting to go the extra mile. The club is sponsored by Girl Scouts and graciously led by president, Samantha Yvellez (10) who believes, “We strive to follow the Girl Scout motto of courage, confidence and character.”  Gamma Gamma Sigma guides girls in putting their best foot forward and finding a silver lining in every dark cloud thrown their way.

Although, the club is sponsored by Girl Scouts, Gamma Gamma Sigma advocates girl empowerment and strives towards ending gender norms. The club meets every third Tuesday of the month in D110, Mrs.Hamlett’s room,  where you can indulge in scrumptious treats. Gamma Gamma Sigma is a great club to make friends and to learn better leadership skills. The club promotes positivity and helps girls move forward in the right direction, and in turn helps girls break out of shells that then otherwise wouldn’t have. When in high school it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of everything, but through the club, girls focus on what’s truly important.


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