Science Olympiad Wins


Rohan Mandavili (SR) touches the statue of John Harvard during a campus tour after the tournament.

This year, Chattahoochee’s Science Olympiad team (Scioly) has spread its reputation both within and outside of our state by participating and winning at tournaments hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of Georgia (UGA). Led by co-presidents Camelia Malkami (SR) and Deepak Rao (SR), sponsors Mrs. Podber and Mr. Robbins and stars Alex Patton (JR) and Kalen Patton (SO), the team has exceeded expectations.

At UGA’s first invitational tournament last month, Hooch Scioly left its mark by winning first place. Alex Patton and Arvind Ramaswami (SO) placed first in two events: Astronomy and It’s About Time. Co-president Camelia and senior Jaspal Mahal (SR) also came first in Cell Biology. Kalen Patton and Nandan Dave (SR) continued the streak by winning first in Compound Machines. But other team members, including Isabella Cheng (JR), Khushboo Sarda (SR), Sherry Guo (JR), Amith Punyala and Sarah Chen (SO) contributed by placing either second or third in their events and increased the overall standing of the team.

At MIT in early January, the team also managed to shine amongst competitors nationwide, placing fifteenth overall. Again, leading the team were the Patton brothers, who won first place in Mission Possible and third

Scioly team holding the first place trophy at UGA.
Scioly team holding the first place trophy at UGA.

place in It’s About Time. Moreover, Julian Wei (JR) and Jake Wong (JR) finished sixth in Air Trajectory. To complete this feat, Isabella Cheng and Sarah Chen placed fifth in Write It, Do It.

As shown by these achievements, the team has made significant progress from last year. Deepak, the co-president, is proud of his team members and is hopeful about the team’s future: “I think we’ve come a long way as a team over the school year. I particularly am impressed with how well the B team has been doing. I think that there are a lot of talented and intelligent individuals who will be able to carry on Science Olympiad in the future.”


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