Sharing the Halls With a Parent

SamBerman- Staff Reporter

For most students, school is a break from their life at home and vice-versa, but for some students their home and school lives overlap. For students who have parents that are also teachers, their school experience is completely different from someone whose guardian has another profession. One would think that it could be annoying or stressful to go to the same school that one’s mom or dad teaches at, but that is not always the case.

Having a parent as a teacher can be hard at times, but overall, students with parent teachers don’t seem to mind. Benjamin Weiser(FR) has a mother who teaches at Ocee Elementary School and felt that his mom was always watching him. He said, “If I got in trouble or got a bad grade she would know about it because my teacher was her coworker. At the same time though, it shaped me into the student I am today. It also never hurt that I have a mom that can actually help with my homework.”

It is also very important to consider the parents’ opinions in these relationships. Chattahoochee’s dram teacher, Mrs. Jensen, used to share these halls with her daughter, Lucy Brooks. Lucy would have been a senior now, but was accepted into the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and is spending her senior year there. Mrs. Jensen told us “It was a rule that we never talked about school in the car. The best way to avoid any awkward issues at school was for me to just stay out of her way. We had a lot of fun and I really miss her.”

Overall, it is safe to say that students with parents as teachers don’t have it quite as bad as some may think. In certain cases, they even have an advantage over other students, and often times enjoy going to school where their parents work.


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