Jaron Keeps Shining


DallasShook – Features Editor

Three years ago, Jaron Blossomgame shined brighter than any Hooch star ever has. The amount of talent needed for a high school player to accomplish the achievements Jaron did in his career – all region player of the year, all time points leader in school history just to name a few – is unimaginable. Jaron was a highly sought after recruit and signed with Clemson, which speaks numbers to his work ethic. While it is easy for a high school player’s stardom to fade away when they get to the next level, Jaron is shining brighter than ever.

Due to being redshirted following an ankle injury that occurred before his freshman year, Jaron is currently a sophomore at Clemson. After a promising freshman year, Clemson Coach, Brownell, was looking for someone new to step up, and Jaron fit the bill perfectly. Jaron has tremendously improved his three point shooting, and has put a great amount of work in at driving to the basket. This hard work has shown, as Jaron has gone from averaging 4.9 points per game to 13.1 points per game. Hooch fans aren’t the only ones taking notice, Jaron has been featured on ESPN’s top ten plays for a monster dunk he had against Vanderbilt (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ3DMgL9QNE), and College basketball analysts believe he has the potential to take the conference, and nation, by storm.

Jaron has continued to work hard and improve his skill, even after setbacks from injury and increased competition. There is a lot of speculation that Jaron could potentially elevate his game to NBA levels, but this isn’t his focus yet. For now the only thing he is focusing on is bringing Clemson to the NCAA Tournament in March. It will be interesting to see him continue to shine.


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