Different Season, Same Kind of Movies


Whenever summer rolls around, do you think to yourself, “Why do most of the movies coming out in the next few months seem unoriginal and kind of crappy?” Well, it’s because a lot of them are. In Hollywood’s eyes, summer is the season to make money in the box office and not worry about making quality movies that could win awards. Producers will just crank out sequels and action flicks until they stop making money, and do we care? No. We’ll keep on paying $13 to see things blow up (“Terminator: Genisys”) and unnecessary sequels (“Magic Mike XXL”).

Superhero movies are always big summer blockbusters, and we will see plenty of them. The three most highly anticipated superhero flicks are “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Fantastic Four” and “Ant-Man.” Yes, you read that last one correctly. Ant-Man. “Avengers” is the sequel to a pretty good movie, “Fantastic Four” is a reboot of a pretty bad series, and “Ant-Man”… These movies are sure to provide great action, and “Avengers” has the potential to be a decent movie, but don’t expect stellar acting performances that you (or the Academy) will remember.

The summer of 2015 will also provide reboots of movie series that were popular in previous decades, and two movies in this category could turn out to be pretty good. “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Jurassic World” will be filled with action and amazing special effects, and they could potentially offer storylines that will keep their audiences interested.

Although there will be some great reboots this summer, a reboot that may not have great results is “Terminator: Genisys.” The Terminator movies have run their course, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting too old for these kinds of movies. And speaking of getting old, Tom Cruise is making another “Mission Impossible” movie called “Rogue Nation.” You will see plenty of explosions in these movies, which is cool, but maybe not worth $13 at the movie theater.

Although there will be entertaining movies this summer, don’t expect any that will take home awards when the Oscars roll around. But why can’t Oscar-winning movies come out in the summer? Why do we have to wait until November and December to see great films like “The Imitation Game,” “Selma” and “Birdman?” It would be nice to see a great acting performance during the summer that could win many awards, but it won’t happen this summer. Oh well, maybe summer 2016 will deliver.


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