The Rapid Decline of Spring Fest


Every year, Spring Fest is a time for students to relax, have fun and enjoy some music and activities. This day is when they have a break from their daily routines of sitting in classes for eight hours a day for five days a week. While these are the intended goals, students usually do not have a very enjoyable time.

This past Friday, April 17th, was when my third disappointment with Spring Fest occurred. The week preceding the event was full of excitement and joy with numerous announcements about the upcoming events. Assistant Principal Tim Corrigan repeatedly stated that competitors of American Ninja Warrior had prepared a meticulous routine which would impress the students. He also said that musician and runner-up on America’s Got Talent, Taylor Matthews, would perform a concert exclusively for the students.

Although this day had received a great deal of buildup, it unfortunately did not turn out to be very exciting – it was actually boring. The day started out with periods 1-3 shortened by twenty minutes followed by a presentation of the dangers of drugs and alcohol for the underclassmen. This speech set a depressing and apathetic tone for the rest of the day. It was an extremely poor decision for the school to create the schedule in this way, but this is not the first time this has happened. For the three years that I have attended Chattahoochee, I cannot say that any year’s Spring Fest has been “exceptional.” Last year, the school invited Isaiah Mustafa, the man who is on the Old Spice commercials. While he was polite and offered to take pictures with the students, he brought at least two thousand cans of Old Spice spray which every kid sprayed in each other’s hair. For the rest of the week, the school smelled horrible. We walked around in a hair salon which had been filled with hundreds of cans of hairspray. This is just one example for why Spring Fest has not gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

To add to the unpopularity, the “ninjas” who performed their routine this past Friday were not very impressive. Students were expecting an obstacle course with acrobatic tricks, but they witnessed men jumping around the gym doing mediocre flips. Additionally, it was disappointing to see a student who danced receive more praise than supposed “parkour experts.” Lastly, Spring Fest ended with an hour and a half lunch with food from Shane’s Rib Shack, Pizza and Chik-fil-a, the most popular item of the entire day.

The day ended with a performance from Taylor Matthews, finalist of America’s Got Talent. The opening act, Ross David, was more popular with the audience than the main act itself. David sang songs which the students knew while Matthews’ performance was slow and boring. One of the students even shouted out, “Second place!” during his performance. This interjection was a perfect description of the concert: dull and non-interactive.

Over the past few years, Chattahoochee’s Spring Fest has greatly under-performed. The continual disappointment of the students with the program has shown why the school lacks a lot of overall spirit. If the school wants to impress its students in the future, it should ask for some advice on what the students want to see and do. In my opinion, a better Spring Fest would be allowing the students to play around on the football field, serving food which we enjoy like Panera Bread, Chick-fil-a, and Zaxby’s, or just letting the students walk/run around the school for two hours. This would relieve us from our stress and allow us to have an enjoyable time at school. Only revisions like these will create a new name Spring Fest – a hopefully popular activity for future generations.


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