Creative Ideas for a Productive Summer

Nabeel Khan Sports Editor

At the end of every school year, teens across the country make use of their newfound freedom by getting a job or playing a sport. Millions of kids resort to these typical methods to be productive, but what types of activities can teenagers do in order to use their summer in a creative way? There is nothing wrong with working at your local grocery store, but some students go above and beyond in order to make their resumes stand out from others.

For example, Dallas Shook (Jr) uses his backyard as a playground for young children in return for a small sum of money. His creation, Camp Dallas, has spiraled into a community-wide babysitting service that has turned out enormous profits. He has since given the keys to the camp to a neighbor, but Dallas Shook has made a lasting impact in his neighborhood by starting his own business.

Many colleges also offer prospective high school students the opportunity to spend a summer semester on their campus. During these pre-college camps, kids are enrolled in classes in the subject they wish to major. Completing these courses gives the students a real transcript at that college, which could boost their possibilities of being admitted there. Spending your summers going back to school is not appealing to many people who have just finished their semester, but in fact these are unique opportunities that give high schoolers a look into college life.

Students have also taken their free time to give back to their community. In recent years, handfuls of students have signed up for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity in order to charter projects that could impact their area. These students have taken the initiative to clean up their city, and thus have made their hometown a better place to live.

Hopefully, all students plan to spend their summers productively. However, certain high schoolers have pushed the limits on what a kid can do, and have put their summer to productive use in order to better their resumes.


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