Spring Breaking and Vandalizing

Graffiti that was spread over Chattahoochee
Graffiti that was spread over Chattahoochee

Nabeel Khan Sports Editor

Spring break is generally thought of as a peaceful time where students and teachers block school from their minds in order to fully enjoy their vacation. To others, however, this vacancy serves as an opportunity to sneak onto school property and ransack the establishments that they hate so much. During the off week, Chattahoochee and its neighboring school Northview were each victims of their own destructive crimes.

Northview’s football field was set ablaze this past week, burning up the track and field mats that were laying beside the stadium. Investigations on the incident have suspected arson, as most of the burned material was not highly flammable and thus would be very unlikely to catch fire incidentally. There was no structural damage to the stadium, and the turf that had been replaced this past spring is still intact. The police are still unaware of the criminal(s) behind the crime but are working vigilantly to apprehend them.

The act of vandalism that highlights the month, though, is the defacement of our own Chattahoochee High School. Throughout various parts of the school building, someone sprayed several obscene phrases that were aimed at several students and also the police. The students in question were uninvolved in the crime and were bewildered as to who would take their days off to spray paint government property. Ironically, the same individuals who thought they were superior to law enforcement officials when they scripted “F-12” onto the school will soon find themselves in the mercy of policemen when they are punished for their crimes.

Although these kids may think they are pulling a joke, they do not realize the gravity of the crime they are committing. Vandalism is a capital offense that usually results in hefty fines and jail time. These criminals are still on the loose, but when they are found they will face the consequences.

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