Cross My Heart and Hope to Pass


Stepping outside under the warm Georgia sunlight, the dirt is soft, with the pleasant breeze a refreshing change from the previous cold and chilly months. But, many Chattahoochee students are unlikely to notice this change, and with no surprise at that: they are in the midst of AP Exam season. If you ask any student about their upcoming schedule until the end of the year, you’ll most likely get a sinister glare and a thorough overview explaining their high levels of stress. If you’re not taking any AP classes this year, why are you bothering to read this article? You’ve probably already noticed that this article doesn’t pertain to you anyway. I’m assuming you have something else to do?

There is less than a month until the AP exams. This is the part where the halls and classrooms are filled with students crying, screaming, or having a nervous breakdown. Reactions may vary a little with each person. This is nervous-breakdown worthy stuff. Let me give you one explanation why.

Let’s consider this for a second: having thousands of dollars off of tuition for college, which is already going to cost you loans, possible debt, and future unhappiness and no wiggle room. The solution to this problem is easy, just pass a little test, or multiple tests for those overachievers—I would affectionately like to call them people who have it together—and you’ll be swimming in money that you know you can keep for yourself instead of paying it to a guy and institution that won’t remember your name after four years of college. But it’s all up to you, no pressure intended. If you’re one of those children of billionaires, it doesn’t matter whether you pay the tuition yourself, right?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m not going to devote myself to stressing over this whole situation. I’m just going to sit back, relax, and prepare for the upcoming doom.


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